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👋🏼 I am Vinayaka K V

I'm from the Western Ghat mountains of Karnataka, India. I work as a Software Engineer, and love to explore mountains and forests.

I'm passionate about exploring the weather & climate, the biodiversity, and, human impacts on the ecosystem. Whenever I need to travel, I choose a route with lots of mountains, clicking out photos of things whatever I find interesting.

Apart from the mountains and nature, I'm also a Coffee lover. Feel free to contact me to discuss anything from Mountains to Coffee!

The frame I planned to capture the eclipsed sun on.
Red, eclipsed sun amidst the mountains
An extraordinary sunset
An eclipsed sun with the remains of the clouds that covered it before. A dragonfly is also in the frame
At the front, 2 peaks of _Mertiparvata_. The third peak is occuluded, the 4th one is visible with its head covered in the mist. The 5th and the tallest is completly covered with mist, although the cloud is in the same shape of the conical peak.
The Shola Mountains of Kuduremukha Natioanl Park, covered with mist and haze
The _Rani Jhari_ Cliff at left
A terrace farmland amidst Shola jungle, a distant waterfall forms the backdrop
The _Mannkuneri_ peak from along the route

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I do Photography

I enjoy photographing wild landscapes, panoramas and natural wonders. I also photograph while travelling, usually from a moving vehicle.

I blog

I write about Mountains, Nature and Travel. My writings are usually paired with a handful of photographs. Think it as a story behind the photos!

The Eclipse

The Eclipse

A solar eclipse before the eclipse drought to come!

01 Nov 2022


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At the Edge of the Western Ghats

Extortion to the accessing nature and a highly biodiverse environment being disrespected...

16 Oct 2022


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Roaming the Western Ghats

My travel experience in the Western Ghats of the Shivamogga district

03 Sep 2022


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